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Weekly Content: Art in Central Park

Daily Subject: Architecture

For Baby…

Developing an understanding of opposites is an essential pre-school skill. You can use this beautiful bridge to introduce or reinforce the concept of near and far. If you have a chance to take a walk to Bow Bridge in Central Park (it’s located in the middle of the park at 74th St) with your baby, try to take a look at it from a distance at first, pointing out how far the bridge is, and then take a walk up close. I included a “near” pic below for those of you who won’t make it to the bridge anytime soon.

For Mommy…

Last week, we began and ended the week looking at Monet’s painting of the bridge on his property in Giverny, France. Whether you actually have a chance to see Bow Bridge in person or you appreciate the bridge through these photos, this is your chance to see the world through the eyes of an artist. Which is more interesting to you, looking at the bridge from afar or observing the details of the bridge up close? Walking across the bridge, you may¬† find yourself even more interested in the Fifth Avenue skyline than with the bridge itself. Whichever your perspective, the artistic beauty of Bow Bridge is one sight you do not want to miss!


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