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On Cloud 9

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Photo courtesy of Roisin Byrne. http://www.redbubble.com/people/roisinbyrne

For Baby…

For the first time today, my son pointed to the sky and correctly identified a plane (I think he’d been confusing planes and birds a bit up until this point). It seems he’s really into any mode of transportation these days! Can you imagine, though, how incredible it must be to see and hear a plane go through the sky for the first time. ¬†This beautiful photo was taken from a plane above Boston. How incredible to see the clouds from the other side. Who knows, maybe baby will be able to understand that this photo is taken from a plane flying in the sky. Hey, even if he/she doesn’t, it gives you something to talk about! Take a peak at the recent NY Times article, “From Birth, Engage Your Child With Talk.”

For Mommy…

Why do we take photos? Is it to remember? Is it to appreciate? Is it to communicate? Although I am certainly no expert on the art of photography, one thing I do know for sure is the power of a photo to transport the viewer to another time or place.¬† Whether it’s a personal photo or an image from national geographic, there’s something really powerful about being able to observe a split moment in time through the eyes of the photographer.


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