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Monthly Theme: Nature
Weekly Content: Art in Central Park
Daily Subject: Sculpture

For Baby…

So, this was a hard choice. There are a lot of statues to choose from in Central Park. The Alice in Wonderland statue would seem to be an obvious choice, but I think it would be more interesting to an older child who knows the characters. There’s also Balto, a statue of a famous Alaskan dog, but NYC babies see a lot of “woof woofs” around the city on a daily basis. Most NYC babies (well, at least the NYC babies I know) don’t get to see horses on a daily basis. My little guy tries to “neigh” but the only horse he really knows is that blue one in Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See? If you take baby to see this statue of Simon Bolivar (which is located on Central Park South) you will also probably run into some real horses lining up for the carriage rides through the park.

For Mommy…

The placement of this monument at the start of 6th Avenue is no coincidence. In 1945, Mayor LaGuardia renamed 6th Avenue, Avenue of the Americas, in an attempt to recognize the unity of North, South and Central America. Bolivar, an important figure in Latin America’s independence from Spain, is also a symbol of unity among the countries of the Americas. The streets of NYC are bursting with history. Speaking from personal experience, I feel that many people must walk past this monument without realizing its historical significance. It’s almost like the old tree falling in the woods. If you’re not listening for it, does it make a sound?


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