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Photo by Ami Vitale.

Copyright photo courtesy of Ami Vitale. http://www.amivitale.com

For Baby…

This was the first photo my son and I approached on a recent visit to Cooper-Hewitt’s exhibit, “Design for a Living World.” (By the way, this will definitely be the culminating event for this week as the museum is also hosting a Fall event for families this weekend.) “Flowers?” my son asked. “Idaho?” I replied. I guess I was just struck by the natural beauty of this state that, frankly, I know nothing about. After I got over my initial shock, my little one and I talked about the tall mountains in the background as well as the pretty blue sky, white clouds, and purple flowers. After staring at this photo with baby, you may feel like jumping in and running through the tall grass!

For Mommy…

Ami Vitale’s work has taught me a lot about the power of photojournalism. It may sound obvious, but what I’ve discovered is that the work of the photojournalist is to literally take the viewer on a journey. What an incredibly difficult task this must be using only one still image! The above photo captures the fresh, open feeling of what it must be like to stand in the middle of Lava Lake Ranch in Hailey, Idaho. Just like Monet’s water lilies, I can almost feel the breeze running through the tall grass. I can tell the clouds are quickly moving over the mountains and can almost feel the alternating warmth of the sun and chill of the shade as they make their way across the sky. ┬áTo learn more about this ranch as well as to view some more breathtaking photos, take a peek at the Nature Conservancy website.


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